What We Do

The Forget-me-not Chorus (FMNC) supports people with dementia and their families through weekly singing sessions.

Reaching over 300 people a week ranging in age from 20-100, we run 4 community choirs, 5 care home choirs and one in a hospital setting throughout Wales. 


You do not need to be referred to us to join a choir and membership is free.

Described by one chorister as 'a spa for the soul', the Forget-me-not Chorus uses the power of song to support those living with and alongide dementia. Social isolation during the current pandemic presents numerous challenges for families already dealing with the acute difficulties of dementia, and we believe that the lifetime we offer is more crucial than ever. 


Our innovative approach is not about bringing back memories by singing old songs, but about using music as a tool for communication and engagement. Each choir is testament to the potential of music and creativity to enrich lives at a time often fraught with anxiety and loneliness.

Our highly skilled team is led by our Artistic Director and ITV's Inspirational Woman of the Year , Kate Woolveridge, with all sessions encouraging engagement and interaction - so much more than a simple singalong. 

Wherever and however we meet, joy and laughter are always present, providing an escape from the relentless everyday caring routine amongst other people who support and understand.

Regular projects with professional artists across a wide range of art forms create original works to share with the wider community. These projects foster a sense of worth, aspiration and achievement, as well as giving the experience of living with dementia a meaningful artistic platform so that others may learn too.

Each choir is testament to the potential of

music and creativity to enrich lives.

Our Vision

To bring joy and meaning back into the lives of those living with and those affected by dementia through the power of song.


Our Mission

We will empower those impacted by dementia, giving them the opportunity to share the joy of music in a safe and normalising environment, inspiring all to participate to the best of their abilities in a community of understanding.

Our Values





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