Care Home Choirs 




Why not stream our free interactive virtual sessions for your care home residents, Please click here for more information.  


We are currently able to offer a limited number of care home zooms for residents, their family and staff members.  In these zooms, two residents join a 30 minute zoom supported by a staff member.  

We are hoping to offer car park concerts throughout North Wales and South Wales from Spring 2021.  Please click here for more information. 



What the activities coordinators say;

The Forget-me-not Chorus has brought undiluted joy to our residents, the number of participants grows week by week as the word spreads that our sessions are fun. 

The Manor House, St Hilary 

We have noticed improvements in residents moods. One man in particular was withdrawn and solitary, diagnosed as clinically depressed...

he is now gaining weight, eating well, more animated and socialising. His GP will be recommending the weekly singing sessions to more of our residents


Nazareth House, Cardiff 

Music Team

All our music staff are highly skilled, busy professional musicians who share a passion for using music to energise, empower, entertain and make a real difference. 

Katherine Harri
Manon Llwyd 
Jacs Hill
Emma Cayeux
Ben Pinnow

If you are a Care Home Manager or Activities Coordinator and would like to find out more, please email or telephone 029 2236 2064

Kate Woolveridge
Katherine Harri
Nicki Rose
Jess Robinson 

Liz Gladman
Rhiannon Pritchard 
Sharon Richards 
Emma Gibbins