Events, Challenges & Celebrations

Donate in Celebration

If you are celebrating your wedding, a big birthday, anniversary or other special occasion why not use the opportunity to ask for donations to the Forget-me-not Chorus? You can use online giving sites such as Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving to collect donations or organise a collection using our FMNC gift envelopes.


Peggy attends our community choir with her son, David. When her granddaughter, Caitlen married Rob in 2019, they asked guests to mark their special day by making a donation to the Forget-me-not Chorus.

Photo by Tania Miller Photography

"we wanted to share the laughter, love & happiness of our special day. thank you for the wonderful work you do.

It makes a real difference"
Caitlen & Rob


The Forget-me-not Chorus is all about celebrating the moment, and having fun with friends and loved ones, so events are the perfect way to support us while you do something fun – either on your own or with your nearest and dearest. Tammy chose to support the Forget-me-not Chorus by running an incredible 50 races to celebrate her 50th birthday. Are you a runner like Tammy? There are hundreds of events taking place across Wales and further afield, which welcome runners of all levels and encourage fundraising for charities.

August 2020 saw the first

FMNC 100 Mile challenge. For more information and to sign up next year, visit the event page on Facebook or keep an eye on this page for more information nearer the time.


"Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year and this came as a huge shock to us all... from the moment we walked into the room, we were made to feel like part of a very special family. My sister, mum and I attend every week and

we all absolutely love it."

Facebook donate button

Now you can fundraise for the Forget-me-not Chorus through Facebook. This is a great way to simply show your support, or to add a way for your friends to donate, when promoting your fundraising activities on facebook.

To create a Facebook fundraiser for the Forget-me-not Chorus click here or follow these steps...

1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed.

2. Click Raise Money.

3. Select Nonprofit/Charity.

4. Search for 'Forget-me-not Chorus Cardiff', then select us from the list.

5. Choose a cover photo and fill in the fundraiser details.

6. Click Create