Meet The Team

Kate Woolveridge

Artistic Director 

Sarah Teagle

Administrative Director

Katherine Harri

Head of Fundraising

Lorraine Kelly OBE


I’m so proud of all of you for the hard work, energy and enthusiasm you have. You sound fantastic and much more importantly you all look as though you are having the time of your lives. Enjoy every second and see you soon.

Carlo Rizzi


The fifteen minutes when the Forget-me-not Chorus sang conducted by Kate has been and will be forever one of the most powerful experience that I will treasure in my life. In front of me, men and women affected by this illness, together with their carers sung and during that time I saw their faces and expression change and…. well… they became alert and joyous. In front of them, Kate was not only conducting them, but was nurturing them through the music and infusing in them an energy coming from her approach to music (and I suspect to life) that I can only describe as evangelical.

James Sommerin


Lesley Garrett OBE


Rebecca Evans



John Suchet


Board of Trustees

David Jackson (Chairperson), Bryan Hughes (Deputy Chairperson), Jackie Askey (Carer representative), Peter Curran (Treasurer),  Hugh Child, Dr. Gwawr Ifan, Dr. Haydn Mayo, Gwyneth Oakman, Dr. Rosie Tope, Dendy Vickery.

We are grateful to all at Thornhill Church Centre, Cardiff, Elfed Avenue Church, Penarth, 

the Beaufort Centre, Newport and Rhos-on-Sea Methodist Church for their ongoing support.

All photography is courtesy of Dan Green, Kirsten McTernan, Brian Roberts, Brian Tarr

and Alex Vann.