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52% of the UK public – 34.5 million people – know someone who has been diagnosed with a form of dementia. In 2016, it was estimated that there were almost 45,000 people living with dementia in Wales, at a cost of £1.4billion per year. This figure is only set to rise as more of us live longer.

Currently, there is no cure.

What your support means to us

The Forget-me-not Chorus is all about celebrating life in the moment, and sharing the joy of music with friends and loved ones. We hope that you will find lots of fundraising inspiration on our website but please feel welcome to call the team to talk about the many wonderful ways that you can make a real difference to the Forget-me-not Chorus - on your own or as part of a bigger group. 


Your support will mean that we can continue to reach the many families across Wales that need us.
We appreciate every single gift and will always treat our donors with respect and honesty.


Could pay for a term’s refreshments at one of our community choirs.

A devastating impact of dementia is the sense of isolation that it can bring. We provide a trusting environment that encourages a community of mutual support and understanding, and creates a safe, inclusive space where all behaviours are accepted. ​​During the important tea break, friendships are forged and worries shared.


Could pay for our specialist music team to lead two hours of joy-filled singing at a community choir rehearsal.

A diagnosis of dementia is often accompanied by the perception that people are no longer able to contribute and consequently can be patronised and marginalised. We counter this perception by always working to the highest possible standards.


Could pay a community choir’s venue costs for a term.

Our whole ethos is to create singing communities where joy and laughter is the norm providing a weekly escape from the relentless everyday caring routine. It is so important that our rehearsal venues are at the heart of the community and fully accessible for our choristers. 


Could support a new music leader through our bespoke training and ongoing mentoring programme - the first of its kind in Wales.

The skill set required to empower, enable and inspire such a vulnerable group of people to engage and sing is very specific. All our music leaders are music graduates and busy professional musicians and undergo the Forget-me-not training programme to assure the highest standards of delivery of our unique service.